Thursday, February 26, 2009

☞ New morning in Harlem.

This blog is sort of a connection point for the positive changes in Harlem. I have been living in West Harlem for 4 years now and have discovered the multitude of rich cultural histories that one would find on each corner of the many districts.

After enjoying the unique culture of the East Village for over a decade, it seemed very difficult to find any of the self starter sort of businesses in Harlem that one usually discovers downtown. Brooklyn was exploding and has rivaled many of Manhattan's best innovations. Harlem seemed like the sleeping giant. Although Harlem was in Manhattan, it seemed to not have the inertia that the rest of the island had been experiencing within its creative worlds and communities. Now, with diversity at hand, Harlem is experiencing an awakening of its own.

Bespoke means tailored made or custom made. The focus here will be the smaller venues and cultural facts that are custom in each great neighborhood. Therefore, let's get things going with some of the great places that have suddenly come about and has made things more rich in this boundless community!

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