Monday, April 27, 2009

☞ READ: Thanks for the Omission

Time Out magazine's big New York City rental issue is on the news stands and has left Harlem out. Actually, this is a good thing since this issue aims to find the cheap, "Next Hot Neighborhood" to find a good real-estate deal. The analysis includes "pros" of such areas (that rents are cheap), but also the "cons" (such as loud block parties, no shopping or restaurant options and hour long commutes). This year's neighborhoods include Inwood, Bushwick, Jackson Heights, Sunset Park and the South Bronx. Harlem is not only left out, but an Inwood resident mentioned that he had to go to Harlem for decent groceries. Yes, folks, we finally have amenities and options in Harlem, and the commute to midtown is less than 20 minutes. Photo courtesy of Time Out New York.

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