Sunday, April 26, 2009

☞ WALK: West Side Parks

Saturday, April 25th at Sakura Park. Harlem Bespoke has been following this small park's blooming cherry trees and lamented on how underused it seemed to have been. This past weekend, young groups of families and friends showed up to picnic, sunbathe, play volleyball, walk tightrope, and even rehearse a wedding procession. Who new? See previous post on Sakura Park: LINK

A few blocks north, the new West Harlem Piers (bottom photo) witnessed its first spring, and the locals noticed. Bicylist, fishermen, couples, families and sunbathers took advantage of the newly planted lawns, the piers and the Hudson River view. The extreme northern and southern lawns seem to be the place that folks are gathering to get some rays. The center of the park has those geyser ground fountains that the kids and dogs go crazy over. See previous post on the West Harlem Piers: LINK

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