Tuesday, May 26, 2009

☞ EAT: Cafe Olin

Harlem Bespoke loves a little kitsch now and then, mix that with great food and there's something to write about. Because of its off-beat East Harlem location right across from some major housing projects, this small taqueria did not have much going for it upon arriving. The interior is covered in Mexican religions artifacts, bright primary colors and clear plastic table cloths. The food took awhile to arrive but the tacos were absolutely the best that one will have in the city. Authentic flavors with seasonal ingredients like fried zucchini flowers make this a stand out for the neighborhood. If your dinner guest does not appreciate down and dirty interiors, stay clear of this one. For those seeking a change of pace and amazing cuisine, go to 339 East 108th Street between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue. Tel. (212) 828-3644. Take the 6 train to 110th Street.


  1. I just discovered your blog. In keeping with "bespoke," I'm absolutely gobsmacked. In my visits to New York, I confess I've spent little time in Harlem. You offer some compelling reasons to fix that. This shot inside the taqueria reminds me of a wonderful tamale place in LA.

  2. Harlem has changed so much in the past five years and we really are trying to help people rediscover the beauty that has always been here along with the great new things that are happening. Keep up with us so you know where to go on your next visit. The Mexican community here has really grown and the food culture is quite amazing. Not quite as advanced as LA but it will soon get there.