Wednesday, May 27, 2009

☞ INSPIRATION: Encaustic Tiles

We suspect that encaustic tiles existed in the more grand townhouses of Harlem but there are not many examples remaining today. The color and pattern on these hand-made ceramics are not from painted on glaze but colored clay. Therefore, instead of just the pattern existing solely on the surface, one will see color throughout the thickness of the each tile. Mostly in geometric layouts with earth tone accented with blues and reds, this type of floor can be found in a few upper west side abodes along with 19th century homes in Brooklyn. Mostly common as flooring for foyers, lobbies, restaurants and bathrooms, these tile are timeless in for any building that is over 100 years old. Since many of the houses built above 96th streets were constructed in the Edwardian early 20th Century, the less expensive, but equally beautiful mosaic tiles seem to have been more favorable for budget minded builders.

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