Thursday, June 4, 2009

☞ BESPOKE: Lore Decorators

East Harlem's best kept secret is the family-owned Lore Decorators that does all their custom upholstery work on sight. Skip the middle man and go directly to the source to get an old antique couch or chair repaired with your own fabric or a selection that the store provides. Custom drapes are also a service for those in need. Listed this year in New York Magazine's "The Best of New York" issue. Also on the plus side is that going direct will be only about one-third of the price for the same service anywhere else. Located at 2201 3rd Avenue between 120th and 121st Street. Tel. 212-534-1025. Take the 6 train to 116th St or the 4,5 train to 125th Street.

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