Saturday, June 20, 2009

☞ EAT: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Kitchenette is the place to go to get your red velvet cake fix on the west side of Harlem. For the uninitiated, the bright red cake is a modern derivative of devil's food cake. When cocoa powder was not yet Dutch processed, it would react with the acidic buttermilk added to the cake batter, turning the mixture red. Now that modern cocoa powder is Dutch processed, the red color has to be made by adding lots of food coloring. The bright red velvet cakes are then topped off with white cream cheese frosting. The small dozen cupcake batches at the top of the photo cost about $15, and Kitchenette sometimes sells larger individual red velvet cupcakes alongside the traditional chocolate and yellow cake variety. 1272 Amsterdam Ave between 122nd Street and 123rd Street. Tel.(212) 531-7600. Take the A, C, B, D or 1 train to 125th street.

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