Tuesday, June 30, 2009

☞ REMEMBER: 244 Manhattan Avenue

At the corner of 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue, we always wondered if the old boarded-up building would eventually be restored since it was such a landmark of the block. The first photo from 1941 shows what the complete row of four buildings looked like from the view at Manhattan Avenue in its prime with their matching cornices and contrast ornamentation at top. The 2nd photo is from 2008 and shows the building on the 110th Street side with scaffolding set up and most of the windows covered in plywood for an extended amount of time. The last photo was taken yesterday and shows the complete demolition of this building on the corner lot, which happened sometimes later in 2008. One might recognize this corner when we had the post on the elevated train in this neck of the woods: LINK. Take the 1 train or the B,C to 110th Street to see this part of town. Center photo from newyorkphotoblog.blogspot.com.

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