Thursday, June 25, 2009

☞ REMEMBER: The View of Grant's Tomb

Once upon a time, architects and city planners not only considered the look of a building but also how it would be viewed at various street angles. A case in point was the way Grant's Tomb was positioned on top of a high elevation with views clearly seen on West 123rd Street as per the photo from the 1930's. The lower photo shows what that view looks like today when a dorm was placed there a few years back. At certain angles, one can barely see Grant's Tomb peeking from the left side of the building but the average pedestrian would not take notice these days. Another interesting point about the top photo is that it shows what the north side of the street looked like before the Urban Renewal of the 1950's erected housing projects in the area. Take the 1 train to 125th Street and head to Amsterdam and 123rd Street to see the view today.  Archival photo courtesy NYPL

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