Monday, July 20, 2009

☞ EAT: Patsy's 76th Anniversary Celebration

Notices have been going out to everyone to mark their calendars for the big day,  Wednesday, August 26th, from 11 AM-5 PM, when East Harlem's Patsy's will revert back to their original 1933 prices.  Whole pizza pies for 70 cents, steaks going for 90 cents and sodas will be going for recession proof 1 cents!  This event gets a lot of press in the past but worth the wait for these prices. For more impatient folks willing to shell out good money for a great slice, see our previous post on Patsy's: LINK.   2287 1st Avenue between 117th St & 118th Street. Tel. (212) 534-9783 Take the 6 train to 116th Street and walk east for three avenues and one block north. Photo by Home Slice Pizza on Flickr.

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