Wednesday, July 22, 2009

☞ LISTEN: Patience Higgins at Minton's

This clip is that of local jazz group, Patience Higgins and the Sugar Hill Quartet playing at the one and only Minton's Playhouse.  We love the classic wall mural in the background that illustrates a group of jazz greats lounging about inside a Harlem interior (the full mural is in view at the one minute mark).  For those interested, the band plays at Minton's most weeks and happens to be performing tonight, Wednesday, July 22nd at 9:00.  Two drinks and $5 will get you in during the weekday, with $10 the fare on weekends.  Located at 206-210 West 118th Street between 7th and St. Nicholas Avenue. Tel.212-864-8346. Take the B,C or 2,3 train to 116th Street. See more on the schedule at the Minton's Playhouse website: LINK

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