Friday, July 24, 2009

☞ MEET: Sheila Bridges

Harlem's celebrity designer, Sheila Bridges is also one of its biggest fans.  Moving into the historic Graham Court building over 15 years ago, Ms. Bridges was a true believer in Harlem before many rediscovered the neighborhood.  Noted for her bold use of colors, the designer's eclectic style blends historic Harlem with vintage 19th century Paris and a mix of retro mid-century for a modern twist. An example of her dedication to preserving Harlem history can be seen in the adaptive reuse of the original details of the apartment such as the 100 year old wainscot panel on the walls that have been given an update with some refinishing and a fresh hit of color (top photo).  Read more about Sheila Bridges in the New York Social Diary website: LINK.

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