Friday, September 25, 2009

☞ SEE: The Claremont Theatre Circa 1915

Thomas Edison shot this short film around 1915, in front of Manhattanville's Claremont Theatre, which would have only been one year old at the time. Excited crowds exit the building's front entrance for most of the film but one can get a glimpse of the street and entire facade in the last twenty seconds. The best part of last section of the clip is to actually see the horse-drawn carriages speed by the path of the camera. See our following post for more details on The Claremont Theatre at 3330 Broadway and 135th Street.


  1. Fascinating, it is so interesting to see everyday people and how they dressed, these folks look fairly well heeled, also looks like a cold day. I agree, the best part of all was the horse and carriage at the end, thanks for sharing the movie.

  2. What a wonderful find!I love this footage of life as it used to be.