Tuesday, September 29, 2009

☞ ARCHITECTURE: Mansard House on 152nd

Walking down West 152nd Street from Broadway to the corner of Amsterdam Avenue, we ran into this charming, well-preserved house from the late 19th century. The Empire-style mansard roof is still in place, and the facade is in amazing condition. Most of what's left of these types of houses in central Harlem have all sorts of alterations to their exteriors, so it's nice to see one in such great condition up in the northern reaches of West Harlem and Hamilton Heights. Take the 1 train to the 145th Street stop.


  1. LOVE mansard roofs! So evocative of the Victorian age.

  2. Nice. That is my block - they have a huge garden area behind the house as well. It's a cool couple of blocks down to St. Nick w/ townhouses (renovated and shells) mixed in with some more standard apartment buildings. Hope you got a coffee at Santiago's Ulysses!