Wednesday, November 25, 2009

☞ DWELL: 417 West 141st Street Brownstone

New to the market is the multi-family brownstone on the southern reaches of the Hamilton Heights Historic District for the asking price of $1.25 million. The little row house at 417 West 141st Street, between St. Nicholas and Hamilton Terrace is on the northern most border of St. Nicholas Park and has uninterrupted views of the Hamilton Grange at its current location. The good and bad of it is that it's been completely gut renovated in the past five years but the interior is absolutely clinical and basic. Transportation is a quick four blocks up at 145th Street to reach the A,B,C,D express station. Word has it that there was an open house this past weekend but the broker didn't show so stay tuned for more updates. Photo by Ulysses.


  1. Actually, it's been on the market for months. I think they just changed brokers. We saw it a month or so ago - it's as you describe - great views of Hamilton Grange but the interior is pretty dull.

    It's 4 unit which is an issue tax-wise since taxes on 4+ family can go 7.5 times higher than they can for 1-3 family. The best option IMO would be to change the C of O and have two rental units over an owner's duplex - then the taxes would drop.

    One curious point is that it was built over a stream so the cellar is wet. From the beginning they designed it in a way that the water doesn't present any structural issues - there's a sump pump, etc. But it does limit what you can do with the space - you can't store things that could get damaged by moisture, etc.

  2. Sump pumps usually freak most folks out because of the flooding issue. At least the broker was upfront about it. Reminds me of the urban legend that some folks have caught fish in their basement since the house was built over a stream. Not valid at all but quite amusing.

  3. Price is way too high but when I bought my narrow row house it, too, was a collection of sterile sheetrocked boxes; with a decent contractor you can work wonders. Crown moulding, baseboard moulding, wainscotting and some gas fireplaces. Doesn't cost all THAT much.

    I also would opt for a duplex with two rental units.