Tuesday, December 22, 2009

☞ SHOP: Awnings with Photographs

We started noticing the aesthetically challenging trend of awnings with photographs on them and wonder why vendors choose this look. Especially if it's food related, what's usually pictured is not particularly appetizing to look at when it's blown up in technicolor and exposed to the elements. While classic awnings with lettering or stripes get a little character with age, the food and other images just get gritty, faded and depressing. The above photo is that of the new Mexican restaurant on Amsterdam, between 110th and 111th Street (that took over the perpetually empty Indian eatery) and were surprised to find one of these photographic awnings up. The Morningside Heights restaurant row has classics establishments such as the Hungarian Pastry Shop and P&W Sandwich Shop (lower photo) and is right across from St. John the Divine. Most folks know that if you have photos of food or clothes on your store signage, it probably not a high quality place. Rule of thumb, stick to classic letters for signage , especially if the neighborhood you are opening up shop in is a traditional part of town. Photos by Ulysses

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  1. The Mexican restaurant is closed now.