Tuesday, December 22, 2009

☞ WALK: The Red Clapboard Church

The Carmansville section of Hamilton Heights never cease to fascinate with its random smattering of freestanding buildings. One of the more charming ones, which is a red clapboard church building, can be found on West 150th Street, one building east of Broadway. One can actually see the cupola and weathervane of the building looking over the Broadway side as one approaches 150th Street for there is only a squat, one story C-Town supermarket on that end of the avenue. The fully detached building must belong to the bigger church next door but might have been a private resident at some point in time. The nearest subway is the 1 train at 145th Street. Photo by Ulysses

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  1. Just to let you know this red clapboard house at West. 150th St. was once a private residence. It was a convent that housed the Sisters of Mercy who once administered the St. Catherine of Genoa School at West 153rd St. I believe the Sisters were housed in this house until sometime in the mid-1990's