Wednesday, January 27, 2010

☞ DWELL: 17 East 128th Street Reduced

The Civil War era clapboard house lover's dream abode on 17 West 128th Street just got a step closer to being affordable for the right buyer. Back in July, we reported that the porched charmer just a half block east of 5th Avenue was on the market for $2.35 million, which seemed pretty high for the location and the market last year. So what are they asking now? After a $555k price chop, the property is up for $1.795 million as of last month. The single family house is a major 26-foot wide and has nine bedrooms and four baths. The side street is pretty quiet on this section of central Harlem that feels more like an extension of the Mount Morris Park Historic District. Check additional and archival photos in our original post: LINK.


  1. I much prefer the house when the facade was brightly painted, as it appears in Harlem Lost and Found. With a monotone exterior, the details tend to get lost.

  2. 1.2 final price not more