Tuesday, February 23, 2010

☞ WALK: Dumpsters along Manhattan Avenue

Just this past week, the western borders of South Harlem has had a mini brownstone renovation boom. When walking around Brooklyn neighborhoods back in the earlier part of the decade, the familiar sight of dumpster lining every other block was quite familiar but harlem always had very sporadic restoration projects throughout the nabe. Just recently, a Wall Street Journal editor and her husband bought a property off of West 123rd Street and Manhattan Avenue and the dumpster has been filling up daily (last photo) with the demolition of some original detail to the building (we recently noticed the original window shutters being thrown out). Not too soon after, a tipster advised that 527 Manhattan Avenue which is located close to the corner of 122nd Street (top two photos) has recently been sold without any transfer of money and is going through a total gut renovation. The property probably changed hands via family and we noticed all the windows had been covered with plywood and the dumpster on the corner filling up quickly. Has anyone noticed more activity in their neighborhood? The closest subways to this location is the A,B,C,D at 125th Street. Photos by Uysses

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  1. "The hope is there. The minute you look down a street and see a Dumpster, you know that's hope." - Maya Angelou