Tuesday, March 30, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: Harlem's 2nd Avenue Subway

With the recently released images of the progress of the 2nd Avenue subway, the city's almost century-old attempt to provide rapid mass transportation to the East Side might finally arrive. The Launch Box blog has been covering the construction area on the border of East Harlem at 95th Street and connected us to their past post when the tunnels were prepped from 112th -115th Street almost four decades ago. The financial crises of that time stopped the work but, as can be seen from the subterranean image of 112th Street taken in 1975, the tracks are there waiting to be connected.

The lower photo was released yesterday and shows the launch box area prepping for the large boring machines to start its work in the near future. Alas, the first phase that is slated to finish in by 2016 will connect the Upper East Side to the 96th Street station while the dormant tunnels northward will have to wait a little while longer to finally connect far East Harlem to lower regions of Manhattan. See more on the Launch Box site: LINK. Archival photo courtesy of the New York Transit Museum. Lower photo by the MTA.

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