Tuesday, March 30, 2010

☞ REVIVE: 311 West 141st Street

When we covered the distinct builidngs at 305-307 West 141st Street a couple of weeks ago, we noticed the empty lot next door had some major construction that was happening. A once abandoned lot is currently seeing some major construction since several floors have been added on the foundation since the beginning of March. This development has the affordable housing stamp on it and also is a little more dimensional than the square box model buildings that the government has used in the past to fill in open lots. Permits were filed a year ago, and the ground work wrapped up in the beginning of the month. The walls have been climbing since then. These smaller developments seem to have been picking up recently with many of them aided by the government. Photos by Ulysses.

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  1. Nearby, at 507-509 W. 142nd Street between Hamilton Place and Brodway, rests a pair of particularly striking residential buildings. They appear to have been constructed in the 19th century and possess remarkably ornate, vaguely Venetian facades. Does anyone know anything about them or their origins?