Tuesday, April 27, 2010

☞ READ: Did Harlem Mail in Census 2010?

The mail-in deadline of Census 2010 is over, so how did the neighborhoods uptown do? Based on last week's New York Times article, Washington Heights had one of the highest return rates clocking in at over 70%. The lowest area of the greater NYC included Williamsburg, Brooklyn which ended dead last at 31.1% participation. So what are the numbers for greater Harlem? The actual percentages have not been revealed yet, but based on a new on-line Census Map, it seems that East and West Harlem are well in the 60% range. Central Harlem seems to be over the 55% mark, and overall, the neighborhoods have had improved participation this time around. Check out the numbers on the color-coded Census Map: LINK.

As a total, the city average improved two points from the previous census and is currently at 59%. Therefore, it would seem that the Harlem average for 2010 should be pretty much in line with the city-wide number. Read more details in the NY Times: LINK. The next step will involve the door-to-door census workers who will now start making the rounds at homes that decided not mail in their forms. Photo by Ulysses

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