Wednesday, April 28, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: The Deco Diner at 136th Street

We found a photo, taken circa 1931, of the distinct low level structure that used to sit on the north east corner of 136th Street and Broadway. Apparently there used to be one of those steel Art Deco diners on the corner lot at the base of hill that would lead up to City College. In the background, behind the diner, part of the long gone Hebrew Orphan Asylum can also be seen in the vintage photo. Today, a small grocer sits on the spot today and the Orphan Asylum has been replaced by a public school and a local park. The closest subway to this location is the 1 train at 137th Street. Archival photo courtesy NYPL. Current photo by Ulysses.


  1. That spot also used to be a White Castle. Could you find those photos?

  2. If anyone has a photo of the White Castle, send them over!

  3. It wasn't a White Castle but a White Tower. It was a small unique structure and not very big. I think it had about 10 stools at the counter. I'd say it was about half the size of the diner pictured. In the remaining space on that spot was a used car lot. I'm talking of the period from 1945 to 1955.