Thursday, April 29, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: The Watt's Mansion Circa 1915

UPDATE: THIS POST HAS BEEN CORRECTED WITH A MODERN IMAGE SHOWING THE CORRECT CORNER OF 139TH AND 7TH. The Watts Mansion was another one of those free standing houses that still remained in the early 20th century but would eventually succumb to the wrecking ball. The top photo shows the house as it stood on a gated hillside at 139th Street and 7th Avenue. Upon closer inspection of the image (click on to enlarge), one can see newer apartment buildings visible at the left hand side, behind the trees. DOB records show that the building was demolished sometimes in 1926, which is about eleven years after the photo was taken. A new building that matched the surrounding apartments would have gone up the same year but that structure did not eventually survive. It now looks like another free standing building sits on the lot of the once majestic mansion. Archival photo courtesy of NYPL.

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