Monday, April 19, 2010

☞ REVIVE: 327 West 112th Street Gets Solar

The modernist, adaptive reuse house at 327 West 112th Street just got even more green. Although contextual design advocates might not favor the contemporary angles of the house around the corner from Manhattan Avenue, owner Adrian Bueno gets some major points for getting off of the power grid. Mr. Bueno informs us that the recently finished roof solar panel project, which was subsidized by NYSERDA and the city, will eventually pay for itself within eight years time. The most exciting aspect to us is that the main house now runs without standard electricity and that means the homeowner is free of those costly ConEd bills. We think this is probably the second or third house to go solar in Harlem (the one in Mt. Morris Park is currently on the market) so if anyone else knows of additional properties, send the house information over our way. Solar panel photos courtesy of Adrian Bueno. House Photo by Ulysses


  1. Would love to know the info on the solar panels.
    Who, what company and how much? Is this possible for an existing house and not a reno job.
    Anything to get off Con Ed mailing/paying list.

  2. Con Ed is a mafia. I can't stand that company. They charge you a $20 fee for reading your meter late if you fail to let them in on your reading date. However, they come when they want to and don't compensate for that. I wish I had this solar panel on my roof.

  3. We installed solar panels on our roof in 2006-7 during the renovation of our house. There's a picture of them in the Sept. 7, 2008 NY Times article about newcomers to Harlem.