Tuesday, May 25, 2010

☞ SHOP: The New La Marqueta to Open in July?

New York Magazine reports on the farmer's market food truck that is set to launch their offerings at the new and improved La Marqueta on July 1st. A 32 year old banker and his cousin decided to get a truck to sell produce and meats from their family farm (which has been around since the 1760's) and to circumvent all the paperwork that one usually has to go through to get set up in the city's regular farmer's markets. They also just got approval for accepting food stamps so the community at large will be able to benefit from the regionally grown goods.

As far as La Marqueta is concerned, there's been talk of reviving the market that sits under the Metro North tracks in East Harlem and it seems like there's some activity at hand. Last year, there was a lot of news about setting up bakery shops inside the formerly popular local market on Park Avenue, between 111th and 116th Street. There hasn't been much said about it since then, so this bit of new information is encouraging. Fortunately, things seem to be a go at this point and a farmers market will be part of the big picture for the new La Marqueta. Read more about the farm truck in the New York Magazine article: LINK. Photo by Ulysses


  1. Wow. In our efforts to operate a business, can all of us circumvent law? Think about other local tax paying merchants like the Wild Olive Market 9 blocks away selling competing products. Why should these people be able to circumvent law, operate illegally and get business that might have gone to the risk-taking merchants The Wild Olive Market?

    You can't emotionalize civic issues or spin rhetoric to justify pure violation of law. Keep in mind others can argue that the community needs the dispensing of medical marijuana for the elderly and the pain afflicted, just like in California. Can I buy a truck and sell medical marijuana at the same location? To help those whose health justifies it? What about raw milk? How about foie gras? Dog & Cat are delicacies in some cultures, and available on the underground in certain communities in NYC, can I pull up to China town or Korea town and sell fresh dog or cat from my truck?

    Law and Code. There is a reason we are a city of law and code. You can't just pick your chosen law and code to circumvent, and then wrap yourself in a cloak of noble and good intent, and start selling your products to the community from a truck.

  2. Well, apparently this isn't breaking any law or this wouldn't be happening in the first place.

    And besides the La Marqueta clentele(the folks who live in the surrounding Housing Projects) wouldn't be going to Wild Olive at any rate because its too far out of thier way.

  3. Jeeze 3:55. These people want to operate a truck to bring fresh local meat and veg to a population that can really use fresh meat and veg. . .and they take food stamps so they must have their act in order.Relax a bit.

    As for selling marijuana—well. . . imagine it's being done on your block and mine with and without a truck.

  4. I want to make a comment slightly off topic here:
    One can no longer say that the residents of Harlem do not have access to fresh food - a lament that is repeated ad nauseum. There are several options and the list will keep growing. The below list is widely known and I'm sure there are more supermarkets and farmer's markets around that I am not aware of.

    Central Market
    Fine Fair
    Shop Fair
    C Town
    Organic Forever
    farmers market at Morningside Park
    community food bank on 116th St btwn FDB & ACP
    Best Yet
    Wild Olive
    Harlem's Meat

  5. Sanou’s —I love my FineFare but right now I’m to the 14th Street Farmers’ Market—MumMay 26, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    Oh for sure, but the more the better and of the ones you listed only Pathmark, I believe, is nearish the area referred to in the original story. Some of the rest are destination shopping trips and not everyone has the luxury of being able to do that.

    Add FineFare–they have a nice selection of fruit and veg at good prices.