Friday, July 30, 2010

☞ DRINK: Bier International May Open in August

Bier International (at 113th Street and FDB/8th Avenue) has had everyone waiting since spring for the return of Harlem's first beer garden in decades but delays just seem to keep on slowing progress. When we walked by last night, there actually seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. All the drywall, air ducts, bar, floors, electrical and lighting looks like it's all in place (middle two photos) and the decorating part of space was well on its way with the hand-painted, multi-lingual drink graffiti.

The center current images show the beer hall part of the space which probably just needs furniture at this phase. The last photo provides a view of the other bar-half of the interior from last week (you can see the start of the flooring project at the lower right) and on the back wall, one can see a couple of horizontal strips of wood that is the start of the key decorative feature in that corner. Currently, these rustic wood strips now cover the whole portion of that said wall (compare to top sketch).

As for the opening date, the owners keep saying, "maybe next week" every time someone talks to them but seeing is believing. We're guessing having a nice cold one early August is very realistic at this point in time. Read all about Bier International in our past post: LINK. The nearest subway to this location is the B,C at 110th or 116th Street. We have been getting a lot of tips for this part of town recently so if readers feel their nabe is neglected or want their block reported on more often, send tips to: Current photo by Ulysses.


  1. I'm hoping they're open by the next World Cup...

  2. I've met both the owners as I've walked by - they are very nice. I keep thinking it would have been better if they just got the place up and running without worrying about making it look chic or trendy or whatever the design idea is supposed to be. We need a good bar with good beer - it doesn't need to try to be much else.
    Regardless, I am thankful they are opening a bar and will be patient...

  3. I don't know the story with all the delays, but I'm happy to see the current level of progress above, and will look forward to stopping by for a cold one...eventually.

  4. Disappointing that they're still not open. I think that it was a terrible idea to not just get it open and start selling beer asap. I hope that they have a good oktoberfest selection picked out because that's what i expect them to be selling when they finally open.