Tuesday, July 27, 2010

☞ DWELL: 437 West 147th Street Townhouse

A Hamilton Heights townhouse on 437 West 147th Street that recently appeared on the market is one of those buildings on the skinny side but has some details to it. The building itself (at center left) is 13 foot wide but is apparently considered a 4-family dwelling and is asking for $1.2 million for 2,896 square foot of space. On the plus side, there's original woodwork galore and the backyard is in decent condition. The downside is that it's very narrow, doesn't have much going on around the immediate block and has a forgettable kitchen (no bath photos). Location wise, the townhouse is close enough to the 145th Street hub which has the A,B,C,D express trains and some emerging basic amenities. Coincidentally, the house fits the topic du jour since it too is currently being used as a B&B. Facade photo by Ulysses


  1. Thirteen feet has to be close to a record for narrow town houses.

  2. Yes, Very narrow, but lovely.

  3. How on earth do you fit that gorgeous staircase plus a public staircase in that narrow a building?

  4. We went inside this place last fall. Narrow, but quite nice.

    The issue with this house is the certificate of no harassment. It's been actively used as a bed and breakfast and as a result there's simply no way to get signatures for everyone who's stayed in the place over the last 3 years. That means whoever buys it can't do substantial changes for about 3-4 years. [If you're interested in the place you should consult a good real estate attorney to validate what I just said.]

    The good news is that house appears to be in pretty great condition and is completely livable. So if you're willing to wait 4 years to renovate the house, set up a legal apartment, etc. then it's a great choice.

    @Westsider - I think there's a townhouse in the Village that's 9' wide. 12.5 / 13 is pretty normal - it's half of a 25' lot... They're scattered all over Harlem.

  5. There's an amazing looking house on 122nd between ACP and FDB that looks like a castle from the outside. Love the look of this place too.