Wednesday, July 28, 2010

☞ REVIVE: 2078-2080 FDB Condos Top Off

Started this past March, the mixed-income housing condos at 2079-2080 FDB/8th Avenue has topped off in the past few weeks and the facade work is currently speeding forward. Research from a reader provided some of the HPD stats for this particular building which doesn't seem to have a name yet:

"Site 2 is located at 2078-2080 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Block 1828, Lots 63 and 64) between West 112th and 113th streets. The subject site, which consists of two city-owned lots, has approximately 4,850 square feet of lot area and is zoned R8A/C1-4...The proposed project will provide approximately 22 condominium units in a twelve-story elevator building. Four of the units will be affordable at 80% of the AMI. The project will include approximately 26,261 square feet of residential floor area, 2,893 square feet of commercial floor area and 1,000 square feet of open space. The commercial floor area will be located on the ground floor and the open space will be accessible through the second floor and roof top terraces."

The government thankfully is throwing out that old model of monolithic towers with no vibrant street life and structures that completely block the view of the sky. Most new tall constructions in low-rise neighborhoods are now required to have a "step-back" if the building goes above the roofline of the others in the surrounding area. Anyways, most can probably agree on the fact that this is a huge improvement from that open lot that use to stand in this part of town. See our past post on this location: LINK. Photos by Ulysses

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  1. Hello - do you have more info on 2078-2080 Frederick Douglass Boulevard? I'm looking for offering plans, lottery details if applicable, etc. Thanks.