Thursday, July 29, 2010

☞ SHOP: H&M 125th Street Grand Opening

Friday, July 30th, 10:00 AM, H&M at 125 West 125th Street. Just in case folks missed the link on Monday's H&M new building renovations story, there's going to be some grand opening giveaways this Friday. H&M Harlem will offer the first 200 shoppers in line an Access to Fashion Pass, valued from $10 to $300 and one will get an expert style consultation. The closest trains to this location are the 2,3 express at 125th Street. If you missed the story, see the before-and-after shots in our past post: LINK. Photo by Ulysses


  1. Last night people were urinating on the Adam Clayton Powell plaza side of the building. I hope the rennovations were done with very washable paint.

  2. Corey Jace ScottJuly 30, 2010 at 2:21 AM

    I like the new building much more than the Soviet style bunker but still really hate it. Good news is the place is always busy. Just whish it had some decoration on the otuside or at least a bigger logo. Maybe I'm just not H&M savy

  3. I favor the 'less is more' approach. Simple and refined with no tiring 'scream-at-you' signage. Harlem store owners have yet to catch on to that approach.

    Simple refined signage means means that your awning doesn't list every item you sell in the store in multiple colors and multiple fonts on it's awning. Too busy.

    Also, store owners need to realize that just because they receive a poster from the vendor of the products they sell doesn't mean they have to display it. Yet they do. And there they go cluttering up the window of what could have remained been a more inviting entrance.

    Harlem Meats on St. Nicholas & 124th is guilty of this. It's a new establishment with new clean modern decor features and a glass store front. Within a few months they started sticking posters and signs all over the glass and now you cannot even see in. It has become a cheaper looking and like many other establishments make you feel claustrophobic as you pass by. Also, there's a lot of stores that use the front window as a wall, so you are looking at a wall full of shelves and merchandise. Very closed and uninviting.