Thursday, August 26, 2010

☞ DWELL: 50 West 127th Street Condominiums

A reader pointed out the classic lines of the new construction called 50West in Central Harlem and we decided to take a closer look at this development. The 8-story, elevator building at 50 West 127th Street (between 5th and Lenox) has 23 units in all, a private gym and underground parking and looks like the vast majority of the building sold back in 2007. For the 3 condos left, 2010 apparently was a slow year since only 1 of those units went into contact after the price changed from $795K to $575K (plus common charges paid in full for one year). That would make the latest contract out at $448 per square foot. Those aforementioned common charges run from around $700 to the lower $1,000 range per month depending on the size of the unit. The construction appears top notch on this one and the overall aesthetic is contextual for a modern building but that pediment at the roof line looks slightly heavy-handed. The particular block is quiet enough and consist mostly of brownstones. Has anyone seen this one? Check out Streeteasy for more stats: LINK. Photo by Ulysses


  1. I saw the leftovers about two years ago and the finishes were indeed beautiful. One of the last 2br 2ba available went for about $750K and I believe it was around to 1100 sq ft. but the parking garages were all taken except for one last one they were holding for whomever bought the corner duplex garden unit.

    There was another 2br 2ba, floor level duplex unit C with a landing that could be used as an office nook. It was great for $750k but the layout was obsurd and they had a rough time selling it presumably because the kitchen island was so massive it crushed the living/dining space into a tiny corner. That and because they put a full (albeit huge and gorgeous) bathroom on that level taking up even more space.

    Lastly I remember a corner duplex garden unit was absolutely stunning - excellent and well though out layout and finishes with a huge backyard accessible from both levels. Very cheery and warm with a lot of light. It actually felt like a house. I think it was listed for about 1.1m back then but it was on the market for quite some time and if my memory serves me well it sold for maybe 960k? I do remember falling completely in love with it.

    There were certainly no shortcuts made by this developer. They also built Soho North on 124th with the same finishes.

  2. 111CPN is the best condo bldg built in Harlem due to CP & it's views, not the bldg itself. This is Harlem's very finest condo bldg built in the last 10 years (finishes, craftsmanship, etc.) despite it facing North. Generally a bldg facing South gets that fact alone as a major plus with me in Manhattan due to more Sun showing in the windows. Go see this bldg and a unit, it will redefine your standards on spectacular digs in Harlem. Go look at it yourself, the quality of the detail on the outside is even spectacular. Go check it yourself. Is it worth the price? No, none of these condos are. Is it fabulous? Yes (and beats the hell out of most of the crap in SOHA).

  3. Back to 50West, haven't seen the interiors, but from the outside, lovely. A testament to what can be built with a little imagination. Side note, what do you all think of 15 Penn? Ugly as sin in my book, but building up that area bodes well for Harlem.

  4. Looked at several apartments. Loved the beautiful building; especially the garden unit described above, but in the end rejected it because of quirky layouts in some cases (second bathroom directly facing the kitchen) and totally inadequate closets in the garden unit. Still feel a little pang when I pass its beautiful lobby. One of the slow units to sell has to be based on the fact that it fronts right on 127th St. at eye level.

  5. There are no sponsor units available in this building. Currently available units are actually resales.

    The unit that was price chopped was the last available sponsor unit on the 1st floor, facing the street, with an awkward layout...hence the price chop.

    Beautiful building...really good job!