Thursday, August 26, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: 6 East 129th Street circa 1932

There's a large community garden just east of 5th Avenue at 129th Street and we found an old photo from 1932 that shows what was on the parcel of land previously. There apparently was a 5-story wood frame house with a mansard roof, built as a corner property on the plot next to the line of brownstones that mostly still exist today. Interestingly enough, there was also a curb cut at the time and some sort of formal parking arrangement next door. Many of these older homes that predate the brownstones did not make it past the 1940's but we just found a demolition permit from 1977 on the DOB site so maybe some folks remember this one? Archival photo courtesy NYPL.

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  1. Looks as though they had already lost the stoop in '32.