Thursday, September 30, 2010

☞ DWELL: 415 West 150th Street Condominium

Walking by the new construction at 415 West 150th Street (between Convent and St. Nicholas Avenue) always had us wondering what was going on with the building.  Based on Streeteasy, it appears that there were condos for sale back in April 2009 but that tough year saw no action for this building: LINK.  There appears to be one current rental listing but not much else going on so it's probably all rental at this point.  A recent listing for the ground floor retail space mentions that the building is 90% occupied: LINK. Has anyone seen these apartments?  We kind of think that the bathroom looks like a good mix of old and new with the subway tile and black marble accents.   The area right by Sugar Hill in Hamilton Heights is pretty well kept and less than 4 blocks away from the B,C entrance at 146th Street. Other than that, there's nothing really fancy going on in the immediate neighborhood.

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  1. The building *had* promise. Unfortunately the LL is immoral and broke. The elevator hasn't worked for 2+ weeks, there are legal actions by multiple current and former residents (literally nearly half of the residents have sued him), the bank is now collecting the rent because he is in default, and he owes $22k to Con Ed. He hasn't returned security deposits to former tenants and is now asking TWO months' security.