Friday, October 29, 2010

☞ DWELL: 430 West 147th Street Townhouse

Open House: Sunday, October 31st by appointment only. There's not a lot of new property being shown this week so here's one folks might remember from a past post: LINK. Number 430 west 147th Street (or 393 Convent Avenue) is a 23 x 66 foot wide corner building that has an estimated 7,500 square foot of space with an ambitious renovation and asking price to match.  The landmark Hamilton Heights limestone townhouse has 10 bedrooms, 4 Full baths, 1 Partial bath and enough original details but will the recent price reduction make a difference? Originally up for $4.8 million 3 years ago, the price landed at $2.99 million  in early 2010 and is now at $2.85 million (just reduce from $2.89 million).  High caliber renovations on a charming, intact block have only reached the max of $2 million in the past couple of years so is this price realistic?  The house has its own website for those who want to set up an appointment: LINK

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  1. FSBO? Good luck to them. My lord. . . the bottom photo is a bathroom? You could raise a family of six in there with room left over!