Tuesday, October 26, 2010

☞ LISTEN: Comedy Club Proposed on West 133rd

A recent NY1 news clip featuring Doug E.'s Chicken and Waffles also reveals a future venture just a block away from the new restaurant: LINK.  Doug E. Fresh just opened his Hip Hop inspired eatery on ACP/7th Avenue and 132nd Street and now reveals that the vacant storefront a block up on 133rd Street (lower photo) will be transformed into a comedy club.  Folks have been waiting quite some time for Doug E.'s restaurant to open so it's unclear what the timeline for the comedy club will be (hopefully sooner than later). The planned live performance space will also be across the street from the Shrine music venue so this section of Central Harlem might one day become an entertainment row again if all works out. www.ShrineNYC.com


  1. Well, it took over a decade for Doug E.'s Chicken Place to open, so I figure by the time the Comedy Club opens I'll be in a retirement home:)

  2. Comedy Clubs are too expensive. They charge a cover and drink minimum. I like more grassroots comedy shows. I was just at Covo Sunday night. It was free and no drink minimum and drinks were $3! The host was awesome and the comics were as funny if not funnier than anything I have seen at Caroline's or Comic Strip.