Thursday, October 28, 2010

☞ REVIVE: New Building at 229 West 131st Lot

Walking past 229 West 131st Street this past week (between FDB/8th and ACP/7th), we were surprised to see a new construction taking over the former lot (lower photo).  This is the north end of some major housing projects and there are a few shells leftover but some houses are in decent condition: LINK.  DOB filings show that a new 2-family, 4 story building with a penthouse will be on the site when things are completed.  At this rate, it looks like this one will be ready by end of winter or early spring. Right now, it's unclear if this will be a house for sale, condos or just a rental building. Any tips? Check out what readers had to say about the shell that's further down the block which may or may not be owned by a local celeb: LINK

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