Thursday, October 28, 2010

☞ SHOP: Restored Storefront Displays

There's more than a few available storefronts in Central Harlem and proprietors seem to be making some efforts in making them as appealing as possible.  The corner shop at West 133rd Street and FDB/8th Avenue had its entire facade restored earlier in the year and now poster advertisement cover up all the windows. Even a small side window has a splash of red color to it so that the store is completely packaged.  From the earlier photos (lower two) one can see the rough phase of the shop earlier this year and everything now has been properly covered and concealed (top photo).

On a design note, the original column have been revealed and also painted over nicely with a coat of black paint that contrast against the cream cornice.  The side window is also a point of interest since this usually gets blocked up by cinder blocks in recent decades (for security?) but the owner has now decided to let the light in.

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