Tuesday, November 30, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: The Black Yankee Stadium

The City Concealed series' latest video reveals that the stadium where the Black Yankees would play for crowds of over 10,000 spectators was not actually in New York City.  Back in New York's early baseball history, the Polo Grounds (which were just past the northern reaches of Harlem at West 155th Street) was home to the Yankees before they moved to the Bronx in 1923. This was during the time of segregation so the sport was all white until the Negro League was formed and played over in New Jersey's Hinchliffe Stadium.  Check out the above video clip for more on the Black Yankee's history and a bit on historic stadium design which includes Harlem's Polo Grounds. There's also an accompanying article and more details on the Channel Thirteen site: LINK.  For more history on the Polo Grounds, check out our previous posts (scroll down after connecting to the link): LINK

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