Wednesday, November 24, 2010

☞ REVIVE: Lenox Tree Medians Finally Planted

It's planting season and the city seems to be following up on making the new tree medians at Lenox Avenue between 124th and 125th Street a little more green.  The crew was on hand this morning and just finished up planting a single tree on each plot of dirt.  Our question now is that since they have so much more space in these new wider plots, will additional low level foliage arrive early in spring?  There's more than enough room for a few flowering bushes.  Any gardeners out there who know the planting season for non-tree planting? Check out our past post in August when the medians were first completed: LINK


  1. Lenox is a fabulous avenue with its spectacular architecture and huge sidewalks, good to see it is being beautified by the city. Lenox Ave. will only get better as more buildings are restored and more stores and alfresco dining make use of the huge sidewalks.

  2. For the median to be planted and maintained properly I have the feeling that additional funds will have to come from neighborhood associations. A "friends of" type website should be set up for donations/activities. I wouldn't count on the City to do much more than the basics.

  3. What MarkM. said. The city will plant the trees, but not the additional plants/foliage (at least that's been the experience on my block).