Monday, November 29, 2010

☞ REVIVE: Mount Moriah Church Up for Sale

When the Mount Moriah Baptist Church at 2050 Fifth Avenue (between 126th and 127th Street) had an availability sign up front in the beginning of the month, we were not too sure if the historic building was up for sale. From what we can gather, the church sold in foreclosure for $480K this past summer but a reader just mentioned to us that there is a new price tag on the building.  We haven't seen any listing so far but apparently there is a quick flip in mind since $3.5 million is the reported ballpark asking price for those interested. As we mentioned in our past post, a condo conversion was planned a few years back to subsidize the religious organization but the congregation seems to have not been able to make it happen in time to get out of a financial quandary: LINK.

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