Wednesday, December 29, 2010

☞ DWELL: 2282 ACP Townhouses

The set of 2 white adjacent 3-story townhouses at 2282 ACP/7th Avenue and 134th Street has had a major price reduction recently but will the new asking price of $2.1 million make sense for a couple of buildings that need major renovations? With a combined total of 36 feet in width (total 5,344 square foot), the two townhouse are basically 18 foot wide each and there's only two floors of living space because the ground floor is currently used as a funeral parlor. This area of Central Harlem has started to develop in the past years but there's not so much going on that it feels like there's a lot of amenities to be had.  That said, the express 2,3 train is only a block away on the east side and the B, C trains are about 3 blocks west.  A million for each of the houses which need a lot of work still seems a tad bit high in our opinion so maybe 2011 will bring down prices even more?


  1. I find it interesting that you think there are not a lot of amenities to be had. A Grocery store a few blocks away, dry cleaners, Yatenga, Shrine, Doug E's. If you mean StarBucks We have no amenities

  2. Could be a bargain if the bottom were developed as one or two high endish commercial spaces, the residential part modern/techy.

    I would imagine the price is contingent on the funeral parlour being completely vacated and all equipment and chemicals removed.