Friday, January 28, 2011

☞ DWELL: 427 West 146th Street Townhouse

OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, January 30th, 2:00 PM-3:30 PM.  The townhouse located west of St. Nicholas Avenue at 427 West 146th Street just arrived on the market and will be having its first open house this weekend.  Overall, the 14 foot wide, single-family house is on the narrow side (it's the right half of the 28 foot wide building pictured) but it is in the lovely Sugar Hill Historic District of West Harlem.  This one looks like a flip since the house was bought a year ago but the lack of bathroom and kitchen photos probably indicate a moderate renovation in those areas.  With that said, there's still some beautiful details left inside and the infrastructure is apparently upgraded.  The immediate block is purely residential but Jackie Robinson Park is close by and there's an express train station just half a block away.  An initial asking price has been set at $999k so it will be interesting to see what one of these narrow houses go for.


  1. The price is very low and the pictures look wonderful. But I am not sure how complete this project is.

    As near as I can tell from the floorplan on the listing agent's website, there is no kitchen in this building. The floorplan notes a single "proposed kitchen" on the parlor floor, and the property description outlines a couple of ideas for where to put kitchens, but I see no evidence that a kitchen currently exists. The floorplan also shows a full bathroom in the cellar. Does code permit a full bathroom below grade?

    This looks like a very nice property, but I suspect it may be a step or two short of turn-key.

  2. Also, DoB shows no recent plumbing or electrical permits issued or inspections, and no CO on file. This is a curious listing.

  3. I'd kitchen using the street level entrance and add a dumb waiter.
    I wonder what the backyard looks like and whether the fireplace works although the marble rocks.