Friday, January 28, 2011

☞ INTRODUCING: 292 Manhattan Avenue

There's a beautiful row of identical townhouses facing Morningside Park at 112th Street that were in various renovated condition but now it looks like the last one that needed a facade makeover just finished up. Number 292 Manhattan Avenue at the far right seemed like it had a rusted looking oriel up for some time while its neighbors all had new painted brownstone and cast iron parts.  We're not sure when the paintwork was all done but noticed for the first time recently that a rather glossy coat of pine green had been added as an accent alongside a rich brown base color.  Some of the adjacent townhouses have green on them so the owner must have been trying to keep the color story consistent. It's definitely more interesting now (which we like) and a nice touch can be found with the accent medallions highlighted at the frieze of the oriel bay windows

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