Friday, February 25, 2011

☞ EAT: La Hacienda Up for Sale on 116th

La Hacienda between Third and Second Avenue has one of the most visually compelling retro neon signs in the area but internal issues has apparently brought the restaurant space up for sale. The Mexican eatery has been closed for quite some time but we always kind of thought it might open again under new management.  Whoever comes by and takes up the space should try to reuse what's out there and keep the show going for it is really a unique form of signage rarely seen in East Harlem. We remember going to Beauty Bar in the East Village many years ago when it was the first of its kind to use an original New York City store space and convert it for a different use: LINK.  The old beauty shop-turned-bar has spawned many branches outside the city so a little character goes a long way if all of the other business elements are in place.

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