Sunday, February 27, 2011

☞ REVIVE: A Sugar Hill Townhouse in the News

The Wall Street Journal reported this weekend on the neighborhood of Sugar Hill which is a part of the Hamilton Heights section of West Harlem: LINK.  A house discussed in the feature is on sale at 290 Convent and reminded us that there was still a more interesting background story to this particular building.   Having seen the property at past open houses, we noted that there was a large library in one of the living areas with books and manuscripts from what is left of the previous owner's personal collection.  There was a newspaper clipping on the library desk from the Times (back from 1999) were Mr. Noel Pittman was interviewed about his quest to gather slavery memorabilia in hopes that a museum might one day take them: LINK.  Only books now remain in the house and the family estate is selling off the well-worn property so it is unclear if any of those said artifacts ever made it to the local museums.  There's more on the house in our post from last year: LINK.  Archival photo courtesy of New York Times.

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