Thursday, February 24, 2011

☞ WALK: Overlook Pavilion Awaits Its Debut

It appears that the derelict Overlook Pavilion at Riverside Drive and 125th Street has finally been restored but still awaits a spring opening.  By the end of 2010, most of the plywood out front had been removed and now only a low-level barricade sections off the romantic rendezvous spot facing the Hudson.  We also noticed that there are stairwells on either side of the structure that leads to another path below (middle photos).  Everything is roped off now but following the course on the upper level for about a block north, one will discover the other notable monument of the Amiable Child which is also the other hidden artifact of the area: LINK.  It's a little out of way but this little section on the far west side is sort of a cool secret spot to traverse when one has bit of time on their hands.  Check out what the pavilion looked like before in our past post: LINK

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