Tuesday, March 8, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: The Morris-Jumel Mansion Gates

We came across an old photo showing the original gates of the Morris-Jumel Mansion up in the former Harlem Heights (click on image to enlarge).  Reportedly the oldest house in Manhattan, the house located within the south border of Washington Heights at 160th Street is a local landmark uptown but its current cast iron gate may not be an accurate representation of the original.  In the archival photo, one can see an arched entranceway that greeted guests to the estate's side entrance which also had a couple of striking urn-finials at top.  The actual gate doors were made entirely of wood so that probably wouldn't be substantial enough in this day and age.  Otherwise, reconstructing that arch entrance wouldn't be such a bad thing in our opinion since it sets the tone for one of the most expensive homes of its day.  Photo courtesy of Jumel Terrace Books B&B.

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