Thursday, March 31, 2011

☞ REVIVE: 250 Manhattan Avenue

There is a building close to the corner lot by 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue that looks to be making some progress on the renovations of the past year.  The top photo shows the building located on 250 Manhattan Avenue last July when a sidewalk shed was set up and the property was being gutted.  At the following photo, one can see that the old cornice was ripped off the top part of the building which did not bode well for a complete restoration of the roof.  As of the past couple of weeks, we noticed that a brand new, slightly abbreviated cornice did appear on the site and the next photo down shows the newly restored facade.  The last image was taken a couple of months back and a penthouse addition can be seen at the rooftop. It is still unclear if this property will go rental, condo or co-op but it is good to see some of these old buildings facing Morningside Park getting repaired finally.


  1. The bigger question is what is the deal with the huge pre-war apt building on the NE corner of 111th/Manhattan? It is such a stately structure in a prime location and yet it sits nearly empty and partially boarded up.

  2. i've been watching this project limp along for the last 2-3 years from the window of my condo in the Towers on the Park bldg. Construction seems to have halted several times for months at a time, leaving the structure exposed to the elements. Not sure if it's a money issue or city red tape or what, but I'd be wary if I was looking into buying this so-called "penthouse". But then again I'm probably just bitter that they're partially obstructing my view of St. John's.

  3. I agree that it's a puzzlement (and shame) that any of these buildings so well situated along Morningside have been sealed up and disused for so long.