Monday, April 25, 2011

☞ DWELL: 209 West 121st Street Sold in April

One of the restored townhouses on 121st Street just west of ACP/7th Avenue has finally sold as of a few weeks ago.  It appears that 209 West 121st Street exchanged ownership based on public records for the amount of $960,735 in total.  The 16 foot wide, 3-family building has about 3,584 square foot altogether and is a part of a set of townhouses restored in the past couple years but have not fully been occupied. Another building to the left of the sold property still has plywood up on the front door the but basically has been completely renovated otherwise.


  1. Anybody know what the interior is like? Seems like a pretty low price per sq. ft (mid 200s).

  2. That's one of a set of income restricted townhouses that have been renovated by Abyssinian Development Corp. More info is on their website... I haven't seen them but the floor plans look like they're rather oddly configured and I'm guessing it was just a "rental grade" level of finish.