Monday, May 16, 2011

☞ SHOP: Chill Berry Actually Opens

We were informed a couple of weeks back that Chill Berry at 414 Lenox Avenue and 131st Street would be open on May 7th but a technical problem with one of the machines delayed the event until this past weekend.  A reader walked by on Saturday and took the above photo of Central Harlem's first frozen yogurt shop and the word is apparently out. A picture uploaded on the Chill Berry facebook site reveals that flavors (toppings?) such as Red Velvet Cake will also be offered at this new local business: LINK.


  1. They were giving free samples. Could not say which was the better tasting flavor. They were all good. Going back on a warm day for more.

  2. Stopped there today , and I AM HOOKED ! The Place is sooo Cute, exactly what Harlem needed...and the Yogurt! WOW! Cake Batter , Red Velvet , Mango Tango! kudos to the owner...

  3. Yes, I got a free sample of the cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt. It was really good!! I will be dropping in everytime I past this place during the summer. That is, if the prices are OK. It's always nice when something new comes to Harlem (especially Upper Harlem which is wide open for creative new retailers).